Parfum, voyage, émotion…*

*But not for everyone

The Different Company can be described as contemporary haute perfumery. With an exceptional dedication to high quality raw materials, the French perfume house has created extremely sophisticated fragrances that are both gentle and original. Moreover, The Different Company also uses some of the best perfumers in the business, of which Jean Claude Elena (Hermes), Bertrand Duchafour and Christine Nagel (Jo Malone) are prime examples.

The story starts in 2000, when creative trio Luc Gabriel, Thierry de Baschmakoff, and Jean-Claude Ellena decide to go on a quest to create a series of innovative and high quality fragrances. De Baschmakoff, a legendary designer (Dior, Guerlain, Versace,…) creates the design of the bottles: a unique and luxurious look with an eco-luxury sensibility. As such, every bottle of The Different Company is fully rechargeable, making it interesting both from an ecological and economical point of view.

Jean-Claude Ellena, soon joined by his daughter Céline, laid the foundation for the olfactory style of the perfume house: sophisticated and creative compositions using only the best available natural raw materials. The Different Company is one of the few houses that can claim an average of 96% natural ingredients in its perfumes, which also explains the very pure vibe of each fragrance.

Adjatay The Different Company Necessities

Early creations include Bergamote (70% natural bergamot) and Bois d’Iris (70kg Iris Pallida for a single bottle perfume) and the beautiful Osmanthus. Many years later, the house has expanded, both in scope and artistic direction. Bertrand Duchafour has made some of the most nuanced Oudh fragrances for the eccentric Collection Excessive, whereas Emilie Coppermann developed the wonderfully fresh Esprit Cologne line.

Be sure to check out Limon de Cordoza (the smell of mojito at a swimming pool), Sel De Vetiver (the feeling of clean salt on warm skin after swimming at sea) and De Bachmakov (the icy smell of Siberia).