Natural perfumery through Scandinavian eyes

AGONISTAgonist Creators is a Swedish Fragrance brand inspired by the beauty and melancholy of film, poetry and literature from Bergman, Boye and other icons from Nordic culture. The results are highly concentrated and extremely natural eau de parfums that have the pleasant characteristic of smelling fresh and warm at the same time.

AGONIST is founded by creative couple Christine and Niclas Lydeen. Christine’s background is in fashion, as she studied at Studio Bercot in Paris where she lived and worked before moving back to Sweden. There she met Niclas, an Art Director and visual artist. Together they realized their dream of working artistically through fragrance.

By constantly travelling around the world, from the tundra of Kazakhstan to the pulse of New York, the couple interprets their impressions through their unique Scandinavian point of view from their home and atelier in the Swedish Archipelago.

The fragrances can be considered modern and trendy, often using atypical ingredients such as absinth, oudh or raspberry. While being famous for their sleek minimalistic bottle designs, all fragrances are also available in a handcrafted version created by the renowned glass artists at Kosta Boda. Finally, AGONIST only creates sustainable products and every detail is exclusively developed with environmental respect and a sustainable approach to the use of raw materials.

Agonist Necessities