Parfum en musique

Annick Goutal. Pianist, mannequin and from the 80’s onwards, perfumer. Elegant and playful, Goutal’s creations can be considered –together with L’Artisan Parfumeur’s- the trailblazers for innovatory perfumery in the 80’s. Her very first creations was Eau D’Hadrien (1981), dedicated to the protagonist of Yourcenar’s novel, but also to Annick’s love of Italy. Created with great raw materials like Amalfi lemon and natural Cypress, the fragrance became an instant success throughout the world. From then onwards many new creations were born, such as the extremely cute pear-musk accord in Petite Cherie.

After her passing in 1999, her daughter Camille took over the reins and started her partnership with perfumer Isabelle Doyen. Together they’ve created many more classics such as Ninfeo Mio and Un Matin D’Orage, honoring the creator’s love for natural ingredients and refinement.