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Buly 1803 has a wide array of products, going from water based perfumes, excellent body oils, skin care, tooth paste and incredible interior fragrances. Focusing on quality and natural raw materials, everything Buly 1803 is of a remarkably high quality. The brand was restored in its true glory by Ramdan Touhami, the man who did the same for Cire Trudon only a few years prior. The brand now boasts more than 45 stores all over the world, and available for the first time in Belgium at Necessities.

Opening an elegant dispensary under an illustrious patronage. Restoring Paris to the epicentre of beauty inspiration, as it used to be in the 19th century. Gathering ancestral and universal know how to invent cosmetic treatments and aesthetic perfumes that are as good as they are beautiful, infused with the progress of science and technology. To paraphrase Victor Hugo, let the key of the past open the door to the future. All that is passed, and passing, and to come; this is the History of Buly 1803.




Eau Triple – Water Based Perfumes

The Officine Universelle Buly crafted the first water-based perfume, the Eau Triple. These pure and delicate creations, technical prowess, are free from dehydrating solvents, revealing each fragrance in its integrity immediately upon release.  With the vibrancy of a perfume, its faithful scent-trail will follow you throughout the day. The fragrances are as evocative as they are pure. A pure and green Orange Blossom, the sensation of damp nature in Lichen d’Ecosse, or the intoxicating tropical florals of Tubéreuse Du Méxique, the list goes on.


Body Care

Huile Antique : Inspired by the cosmetic and medicinal uses of plant oils and macerates in Ancient Greece, enriched with apricot and sesame oil, this beneficial oil is the skin’s ideal nourishing nectar. 97% natural.

Lait Virginal : A perfumed body lotion, light and soft beyond compare. Brings radiance to the skin and inebriation to the senses, softening the skin thanks to vegetal Glycerin.

Huile de Savon : Perfumed liquid soap. The perfect combination of a soap and a nourishing oil. A cleansing treatment with a delicate texture to be applied directly onto body and hands. 96% natural ingredients.


Face Care

If the face is the mirror of the soul, it should properly be taken care of. A complete selection of creams and toners is introduced by the Officine Universelle Buly, in order to embellish your face from the moment you wake up until you go to bed. A large number of beauty routines adapted to each skin type and concern, oily skin, acne, signs of age, at each moment of the day, be it in the summer or winter.

A selection of the products:

Eau Superfine : Thanks to its purifying properties, this soothing floral face toner detoxifies the skin exposed to urban conditions. It can also be part of men skincare routine as a soothing after-shave. The result is a glowing complexion; signs of fatigue diminished; a smoother and softer skin ; makeup is thoroughly removed. 97% natural ingredients.

Pommade Virginale : A hydrating and softening face cream, A flake of a cream, boosted with sweet almond and sesame oil, known for its regenerative and mollifying properties. Linden floral water soothes redness and irritations. Pure and free of chemical additives, it protects the skin from the effects of pollution. An essential care among your basics.

Lait Nettoyant : Its fluid texture removes her ladyship’s makeup. Its limpid texture revives his lordship’s face. If your skin is easily irritated, this skincare lotion will become your everything: on top of its calming and hydrating properties, aloe vera is combined with skin-soothing mirabilis extract. Astringent cornflower floral water alleviates redness and wards off the rings under your eyes. Precious argan oil repairs the epidermis intensely.


Hand Care

As one of the iconic items from 1803, the Pommade Concrète has won many awards. A rich shea-butter base combines the properties of sesame oil (regenerative and restructuring) and mollifying beeswax. Chamomile floral water soothes and softens the epidermis and let a light protection. 97% of natural ingredients, and one of the most hydrating creams on the market.

It’s companion piece is called Double Pommade Concrète, named “contender for the best hand cream in the world” by Marie Claire. A purifying and moisturizing hand cream with anti-bacterial properties, used to not only hydrate but als to disinfect hands and feet.




Dental Care

Tooth paste and mouth wash, reinvented. These mouth-watering formulations will impart the beneficial sulfurs of the Castéra-Verduzan spring (Southern France), a water source known for its beneficial properties since Antiquity.

Eau de Belle Haleine : Mint tea flavour, rich in sulfates of calcium and magnesium, can soothe throat, mouth aches and freshen breath.

Opiat Dentaire : Tooth paste. Fluoride-free formulation of l’Officine’s Opiats Dentaires makes them particularly palatable and protects the mouth. Rich in sulfates, calcium and magnesium. 3 flavors available: Montauban apple, Mint Coriander Cucumber, Orange Ginger Clove.