I profumi di Capri

The history of Carthusia goes way back with legends reaching as far back as 1380, when a floral arrangement made for Queen Giovanna D’Aniò accidentally gave a monk on the island of Capri the idea to create perfumes. What is known for certain is that in 1948 old perfume formulas were discovered on Capri’s Monastery, which in turn formed the base of today’s production.

Carthusia perfumes are created on Capri – Italy, often using ingredients found on the little island. Carthusia fragrances have a distinctly vintage feel to them, focusing on traditional methods of composition and creation. That is why many of their women’s perfumes contain wild carnation and jasmine, while the men’s fragrances often have spices such as rosemary and sage. A beautiful brand for those who enjoy the old school of perfumery.

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