Royal Quality

Known to be the oldest candlemaker in the world, Cire Trudon is one of the most prestigious interior fragrance manufacturers available. The story starts in 1643, when a salesman named Claude Trudon became the owner of a grocery store that also sells wax. His son entered the court of Versaille in 1687, as an apothecary distiller for the King’s wife Marie-Thérèse. From then onwards, Cire Trudon has survived many historical events, including the French and the Industrial revolution.

Today, the brand is known to create formidably strong and evocative fragrances. Rather than relying on simple scents, the French candle maker creates full and layered atmospheres. Recently, Cire Trudon became a household name again thanks to the magnificent Abd El Kader, a deliciously green combination of Moroccan mint tea and basil. Other classics include Ernesto (Havana Sigars and leather) and Spiritus Sancti (the scent of smoky churches and old wooden benches).


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