Perfume for royalty

CREED is the world’s only remaining dynastic perfume house. Passed on from father to son since 1760, the Creed family members are still the noses behind their own fragrances. With a rich history in supplying many kings and queens in the past, and perhaps even more famous for creating Grace Kelly’s perfume when she married the prince of Monaco (Fleurissimo), Creed became well known to the general public when it launched the still elegant Green Irish Tweed in 1985.

Consistently gaining more traction with creations such as Original Vetiver, Silver Mountain Water and Love in White, Creed’s second big breakthrough came with Aventus, a brilliant combination of fresh pineapple and smoky Birch. Today, Olivier Creed and his son Erwin still spend a lot of their time finding the best raw material and creating beautiful fragrances in their trademark sophisticated style.