A shaded view on perfumery…

A fashion insider and global style icon, Diane Pernet can be spotted instantly by her enigmatic look. Committed to a steadfast personal style, she dresses in sheaths of black and is shrouded by a headpiece faintly reminiscent of a mantilla topped off with signature sunglasses which veil the eyes. This unique approach to her own wardrobe has carried over into the “shaded view” that Diane pursues in both her personal life and in her career.

Diane Pernet

Working intensely with several talented perfumers, Diane found the ultimate combination of ingredients to immortalize her sense of style in perfume. Each of the four one-of-a-kind perfume extracts in the collection captures an intimate aspect of Diane Pernet’s persona through vivid vignettes and narratives. The sleek design of the bottle is adorned by one of her iconic symbols: the spider, exclusively created for her by designer Mario Salvucci. Be sure to check out In Pursuit of Magic, a highly concentrated citrus fragrance with heavy cannabis undertones.