Where art meets science

Created by the talented Geza Schoen, Escentric Molecules redefines minimalism in perfumery. By using as little as a single molecule, some of Escentric Molecules fragrances can be described as effects rather than scents. Modern and trendy, the perfumes have become well known in a short amount of time, with Molecule 01 being by far the most famous one.

Escentric Molecules owes its existence to an aroma-molecule that can not be found in nature. Iso E Super was created in a laboratory in 1973. It remained unknown outside the world of perfumery until the launch of Escentric Molecules, though its elusive presence had already hovered in the background of many fragrances for both men and women. The unimolecular composition is known to diffuse an almost pheromonic effect, comparable to the scent of warm clean skin with woody undertones. An olfactory aura that seems irresistibly attractive to its surroundings. Conceptual due to the fact that most wearers won’t smell it on themselves, inescapable due to the strong reactions of the people around them, Escentric Molecules evolve in a unique way on each individual and truly are ingenious fragrances.

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