Floris London | British Family Perfumers Est. 1730

Floris can boast to be the second oldest perfume house in the world, and the oldest British one. Founded in 1730, the still family run fragrance creator has been the purveyor of many historical figures, including King George IV and Queen Elizabeth II. Floris is about tradition, making distinctly feminine or masculine perfumes with a crisp ‘Britishness’ to them. Feminine fragrances are often ‘soliflores’, as wearing very floral perfumes is popular in the UK, whereas the masculine fragrances often focus on lavender, musk and woods. The brand still offers some of its oldest perfumes, such as White Rose (1800), Lily of the Valley (1847) and the famous N° 89 (1954). Floris also proposes many grooming products such as aftershaves, balms, shaving soap and shower gels.


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