“A Rose by any other name would smell as sweet”

Said Juliet in Shakespeare’s famous work. Little did she know that there are many types of roses that all smell different, and Les Parfums de Rosine is dedicated to explore every conceivable possibility. By using rose oils in all of its creations, the French brand has been able to show the flexibility of the beautiful flower in a variety of ways.

Parfums de Rosine was initially created by the famous Parisian fashion designer Paul Poiret in 1911, who named the perfume house Marie-Helene-Rogeonafter his daughter. A florishing undertaking at first, the house fell victim of the Great Depression. In 1991, the name was resuscitated in Paris by Marie-Hélène Rogeon. Born from a family of perfumers, she worked with perfumer François Robert to breath new life in the line of perfume, resulting in the pure floral goodness we know today.

Les Parfums de Rosine is what one would call traditional French perfumery, focusing a lot of attention to the (very high) quality of its raw materials, while making classical and elegant compositions. Their attention to quality can be taken seriously, as Parfums de Rosine uses Rose extract that involves 900kg of rose petals to acquire 1 liter of essential oils. While the most famous creation is still La Rose de Rosine, the perfume house has recently gained notoriety thanks to the powdery and romantic Vive La Mariée, as well as with the ever exciting Ballerina-trilogy.