Authentic Italian perfumery at its best

A theologian and archeologist by trade, Lorenzo Villoresi began making perfumes in 1990. Inspired by his journeys to the Middle East and various excavations, Villoresi started experimenting with rare essential oils to create his first fragrances. If French perfumery is all about balance and refinement, this Italian’s style is quite different. Authentic, rustic and honest no-nonsense perfumery with beautiful raw materials.

Lorenzo Villoresi often works with contrasts, using a clash of notes and abundant spices to transport the wearer to ancient times and exotic places.

villoresi05Bold creations like Spezie (Nutmeg, cinnamon, clove, cardamom) or Piper Nigrum  (Pepper, mint, star anice, clove) made him a respected voice in the perfume community, but it’s with the by now mythical Teint de Neige that the self-educated perfumer became ‘incontournable’. By now, Lorenzo Villoresi was awarded significant rewards for his work including the “Prix François Coty” in Paris 2006.