“Everything I own smells of you.”

Cu6OYgSvpLLX8s_Hja3Vj7Qz0yqXMSsq_WLcoZqAwmI</div> <div class=MariaL (formerly known as MariaLux) is a niche perfumery brand founded by Dutch designer Lilian Driessen and her husband Alessandro Gualtieri (Nasomatto, Orto Parisi). Maria stands for Virgin, Mother, Love. Lux stands for Light, Luxury, Lust. Highly complex and very concentrated, the MariaL collection originally had three creations. “Truly” symbolizes eternal love, consisting of pure and powdery notes; Madly represents hidden love and contains the exuding sensuous scent of tuberose; Deeply embodies desperate and passionate love with gourmand notes, spices and oudh. Although specifically created for women, most of MariaL’s perfume have an intriguing androgynous touch to them, often using oudh, incense or amber to offset the balance of the romantic flowers.





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