British quirkiness meets French elegance.


15_08_05_Lyn_Harris_231-800x1200Miller Harris was created by Lyn Harris in 2000, after she spent 5 years training in France at some of Paris’ and Grasse’s most prestigious perfume schools. While she likes to describe her perfumes as French, many people praise her for the very British vibe of her compositions.

Miller Harris is known to work with natural ingredients, finding new ways to find a balance between tradition and innovation. Most Miller Harris’ fragrance are known to have very good longevity, while staying close to the skin. Her most famous work is probably L’Air de Rien, an Oriental fragrance she created for Jane Birkin that has a remarkably ‘dirty’ undertone reminiscent of the animal musc of old.

One of the most interesting things about these author perfumes is the clear evolution in her style. Starting with simple, pure and sometimes vintage compositions such as Citron Citron or Fleur Oriental, Lyn has gradually moved to a more evocative style, trying to ‘capture’ beautiful moments in life through scents.