Powerful orientalism for everyone.

If you ever asked for a perfume with great lasting power in a premium perfume store, chances are you’ll be introduced to Montale. The French-Arabian perfume house aims to merge the cultural influences of east and west in its vast fragrance collection. The love for oriental fragrances is reflected in the use of the ingredients, as many of them contain precious woods like Cedar, Sandalwood and Aoud.

Of all the materials used, Aoud (Agarwood) plays the most prominent role in Montale perfumes, a fairly recent ingredient in western perfumery but considered an aphrodisiac in the Arabian world. While Montale’s most famous work is Black Aoud (A very long lasting blend of Rose, Aoud and musk), the brand is also well known for its more playful work such as Intense Café, Roses Musk and Boisé Fruité.


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