Perfumes inspired by the history, culture, nature and modern life of India.

A tribute to the vivid colors of Indian life, Neela Vermeire Créations are as unique as they are surprising. By combining the cultural heritage of its concept creator with the amazing talent of master perfumer Bertrand Duchafour, the perfumes are able to create a sublime sensory experience.

With natural raw materials of an overwhelming quality (including real oudh, rose and sandalwood) and an unmatched creativity, Neela Vermeire Créations evoke emotional reactions from both wearer and surroundings. A fact confirmed by experts, as one of her perfumes recently won the prestigious Art and Olfaction Independent Award. In short: Neela Vermeire is a must try for any perfume connoisseur.

Fun fact: although Neela herself is Indian, she is married to a Flemish husband, which explains the peculiar name combination.