British heritage in the 21th century.

Penhaligon’s is a British perfumery established in 1870 by William Penhaligon. While being a barber at heart, Penhaligon’s offered its first fragrance in 1872, which was a perfume inspired by Turkish Baths named Hammam Bouquet. Penhaligon’s big breakthrough came in 1902 when it created the legendary Blenheim Bouquet (created for the Churchills), a zesty blend of pepper and lavender. From that point onwards, Penhaligon’s has known many phases, which explains their huge variety in fragrances.


Classic ladies might enjoy the floral goodness of Bluebell, Elisabethan Rose or Lily of the Valley, while traditional gents will like the soft spices in Bayolea or Quercus and the lavender-coffee combination in Endymion. More recently, Penhaligon’s has also become more relevant on the artistic front when it hired Olivia Giacobetti to make the amazingly smoky Elixir in 2008 or when it worked with Duchaufour to create the fantastic honey-metal-leather-lavender fragrance called Sartorial. Penhaligon’s also offers many side products such as shaving soap, bath gel and body lotion.