“A voyage through scents”

parfumeursUncompromising purity and an unmatched lasting power, that’s how one could summarize PROFVMVM ROMA. Created in 1996, the Italian brand has gradually built up its reputation thanks to evocative compositions and extremely high concentration of oils.

How concentrated exactly? If most eau de toilette’s contain about 6-10% concentration, PROFVMVM ROMA has no less than 43% of precious materials. The results are astonishing. Perfumes that not only last 24 hours on the skin, but also retain their olfactory structure the whole way through. Moreover, rather than creating perfumes for men or women, the brand prefers to evoke emotions by focusing and locations and memories.

Classics such as Acqua Di Sale reminds one of a beautiful day at an empty beach, while curiosities like Dulcis In Fundo smells almost exactly like a delicious creamy pastry. PROFVMVM ROMA is about timeless quality, an attempt to make fragrances that will be relevant for many decades to come.

PROFVMVM ROMA was created by Guiseppe, Maria, Felice and Luciano Durante. By working with three noses instead of one on every fragrance, the perfume house has been able to create extremely balanced and pure fragrances.