Cult. Avant-garde. Pop-Art.

That is how one could describe the endlessly intriguing creations of S-Perfume. The indie house was founded in 2000 by the artist Sacre Nobi, a Japanese-American sculptor who has been able to attract some of the best noses in the business to create his fragrances. Interestingly enough, many of the creations were originally created to enhance the impact of his own sculptures in his art exhibition, which in turn explains the unmistakable freedom and diversity of the compositions.

100% Love (Created by Sophia Grosjman) for example, is a slightly disturbing Floral Fruity Gourmand aiming to evoke the sensation of rose petals dipped in white Chocolate. S-Ex (Christophe Laudamiel) on the other hand is able to create an extremely salty sensation combined with an almost skin like musk, dubbed ‘space leather’ by perfume guru Luca Turin. A sexy collection of modern perfumes for those in need of something completely different.

sperfume collection