True independent perfumery.

TAUER is a Switzerland-based indie perfume house founded by Andy Tauer in 2005. After having spent years in the private industry working for large petrochemical companies, Tauer dropped everything to start his own line of artistic fragrances. Completely self-taught, the doctor in chemistry personifies what true niche is all about: a singular vision, uncompromising complexity and high quality raw materials. The talented perfumer is known to be involved in every aspect of production, from the compositions to labeling his own bottles, as well as adding little hand written notes in each perfume box.ANDY_TAUER

It’s a difficult task to describe the style of Tauer, as most of his fragrances are very different from what other brands offer. His creations are long-lasting, very intense and sometimes a little abstract. His major breakthrough came with L’air du Desert Marocain, a majestically warm amber supported by a delicious blend of cumin, coriander and vetiver. Other major works include the mysterious Incense Rosé and the almost cubist incense-Iris combination in Incense Extreme. Tauer usually uses a special blue glass for his bottles, ensuring that his precious fragrances are protected from sunlight.