New at Peaufiné: Grown Alchemist

Grown Alchemist is a skincare brand celebrated for its commitment to natural, science-backed skincare. They have a strong commitment towards the power of botanical ingredients, avoiding harmful chemicals, synthetic fragrances, and artificial colors. Their transparent approach means they always list every ingredient, are proudly cruelty-free and vegan, respecting both your skin and ethical values.

GROWN ALCHEMIST – Necessities (

Grown Alchemist’s approach to skin is built off a mission to bring function back to your skin through three sequential stages.

When products are used in this order they work synergistically to enhance the biological potential of your unique skin health.


Correct preparation is the foundation of healthy, radiant skin. It is the first step in restoring cellular health. Grown Alchemist’s double cleansing system leaves the skin able to breathe; feeling balanced and supple, looking radiant and hydrated.


Detoxifying the skin is all about truly regenerating the skin on all levels–both preventing and correcting damage. This phase targets the complete spectrum of oxidant damage, returning function, health and vitality to the skin.


Cutting-edge ingredients, with utmost efficacy, at the forefront of science- Grown Alchemist offer the skin everything it needs to activate its true beauty.



New: Parfum d’Orsay

Parfum d’Orsay is the newest addition to our curated selection of niche perfumes. One for those who enjoy understated luxury.

What makes Parfums d’Orsay so interesting, is that it combines a contemporary approach to perfumery with a very clear vision of what it wants to be.

Minimalistic fragrances, innovative structures, and a good dose of natural raw materials where it counts.

At the same time, d’Orsay goes its own path. Keeping away from cloying sweetness, the brand has a distinct love for woody notes, which adds an edge to even the most romantic of orange blossoms.

Great independent perfumers such as Bertrand Duchaufour, Mark Buxton, Amélie Bourgeois, Olivia Giacobetti, Karine Chevallier and Fanny Bal take care of the originality of the fragrances.

While not shying away from a certain intellectualism (get ready for the longest names you’ve ever seen), the fragrances are instantly likeable and easy to wear.


A few greats to discover:


O.W. C’est toujours agréable d’être attendu : A fragrance with false simplicity. A sparkling cocktail of Italian bergamot, bitter orange and ginger resting on a blend of woody vetiver and ambery musks.

J.R. J’ai l’air de ce que je suis : The scent of spring, hanging fresh linen to dry in the garden while the delicate green notes of lilac come caress the nose.

M.D. Nous Sommes Amants : a multifaceted and ultramodern woody fragrance, that stands right between smokey warmth and green freshness. At it’s core, Palo Santo, the south American wood known for its mystical properties. The lightness is enhanced with black pepper and a bamboo accord, while the sensuality is furthered with sandalwood and cedarwood.

A.R. Les ombres fantastiques : A great paradox, to be seen as a feminine cedarwood or a masculine iris. Imagine an outspoken combination of dry notes such as cardamom, vetiver and cedar, wrapped in a powdery and clean mix of French Iris and white musks.


So see you in our boutique, or online on our webshop.



A New Boutique!

After many months of planning, we’re proud to announce our second boutique, fully dedicated to Beauty!

Next time you visit Necessities, look behind you and you’ll find Peaufiné at Steenhouwersvest 27.

Beauty was a logical next step for Necessities, but our dedication to specialization and knowledge always inhibited us of mixing fragrances and skincare. So now, two stores, with the right people giving you the best possible advice.

Some proven classics such as Pure Altitude, Delbove and Buly 1803, but also cutting-edge novelties such as Paula’s Choice, Cosmetics 27 and Lixirskin.

See you soon at Peaufiné!

Naomi Goodsir

Visiting Antwerp on 30/09? Come by to meet Naomi Goodsir, the mind behind a true artistic perfume brand.

The Australian fashion designer works with some of the best noses in the business, such as Julien Rasquinet (Amouage, Frederic Malle), Bertrand Duchaufour (Acqua Di Parma, Comme des Garcons) and Isabelle Doyen (Goutal). Rare raw materials, unique compositions and very faceted fragrances are the end result of this independent project.


Check out Bois d’Ascèse, a peaty fragrance that combines the arid drought of the Australian desert with images of ancient castles of her Scottish ancestry. Or what about Or du Sérail, a full bodied blend of tobacco, honey and mango that evokes a romantic image of palaces during the Ottoman Empire.


Naomi will be at Necessities from 15h to 17h, no appointment needed.

Vacation time + Webshop

Dear customer,


We’re closing the store for a few days. The webshop remains open, but can have several days of delay.

Necessities will be closed on Monday 2/08, Saturday 7/08, Sunday 8/08.

Webshop and store are back at full speed on 9/08.


We thank you for your patience.



*IMPORTANT UPDATE* New Restrictions

*IMPORTANT UPDATE* (02/04/2021)

Perfume stores have been designated as essential stores, and are therefor unaffected by the new restrictions. Customers are welcome everyday without appointment during normal business hours.


We apologize for the confusion.


Dear Customer,

Since Saturday 27/03, new restrictions have been imposed by the Federal government.

All visits to Necessities need to go through appointments. Online orders are not affected by this and are still shipped within 24 hours.


Appointments can be booked through the following sources:

  • Online :

  • By e-mail, only valid after confirmation:

  • By phone:


  • By knocking on our door. Last minute appointments are allowed as long as they don’t hinder prior bookings.




Take care of yourself and your loved ones,


The Necessities team

In the picture: Orto Parisi

Orto Parisi are perfumes created by the infamous Alessandro Gualtieri, also the founder of Nasomatto.

Orto Parisi studies and celebrates humans, nature and the world in its wildest, roughest but also most sensual forms. A study of bodily fluids, reproduction, dangerous nature. Scents with souls, a play between attraction and repulsion.

Powerful perfume extracts, with fantastic sillages, dark undertones and playful twists. A brand that loves with Oudh, cedar, patchouli and sandalwood.

Check out our great new display window, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for a few Orto Parisi Reviews.

New Lockdown – webshop remains open

Dear Customer,


Due to new COVID-19 related decisions from the Belgian goverment, Necessities will be closing its doors starting from 2/11/2020.

Our webshop remains open.

Pick-up times are allowed, and will be announced in the days to come.


Don’t forget you can still try out fragrances with our sampling service:


Take care of each other, and yourself.

Shop is back open

Dear customer,


We’re happy to say that our shop is open again from 11/05 onwards on the normal hours.

To ensure everyone’s safety, several measures have been taken. This includes:


  • Plexiglas protection between customer and advisors
  • Gloves for sales personel
  • Hand sanitizers
  • Regular cleaning of surfaces and payment devices
  • Limitation of the max number of customers inside the store


For everyone’s safety, we ask to respect a few temporary rules, such as social distancing and not touching bottles.

We thank you for your understanding, and will do our very best to ensure a smooth and pleasant experience.

If you want to order ahead of time for a quick pick-up, please let us know on info@necessities-antwerp or by phone (03 231 86 24).


Stay Safe,


The Necessities Team