Escentric Molecules always comes in pairs. The Molecule consists of a single ingredient, whereas the Escentric is a more complex composition built around the component.

Molecule 05 is built around Cashmeran. Cashmeran is a complex ingredient, with touches of wood, patchouli, fruit, rich spices and vanilla. The scent is supposed to evoke the soft sensuality of cashmere. The effect is characterful but minimalistic, ideal for people who enjoy a modern wood scent.

In Escentric 05 Cashmeran is still the main player, but many more ingredients have been added. The idea was to create a summery sea like fragrance without using traditional marine notes. A day in a Mediterranean island, with all the aromatic and resinous facets of the plants and trees.

The fragrances consists of the citrusy freshness of Bergamote, the aromatic greenness of juniper berries, rosemary and laurel, while the richer base is built around Cashmeran, cypress and labdanum.

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