Parfum d’Orsay is the newest addition to our curated selection of niche perfumes. One for those who enjoy understated luxury.

What makes Parfums d’Orsay so interesting, is that it combines a contemporary approach to perfumery with a very clear vision of what it wants to be.

Minimalistic fragrances, innovative structures, and a good dose of natural raw materials where it counts.

At the same time, d’Orsay goes its own path. Keeping away from cloying sweetness, the brand has a distinct love for woody notes, which adds an edge to even the most romantic of orange blossoms.

Great independent perfumers such as Bertrand Duchaufour, Mark Buxton, Amélie Bourgeois, Olivia Giacobetti, Karine Chevallier and Fanny Bal take care of the originality of the fragrances.

While not shying away from a certain intellectualism (get ready for the longest names you’ve ever seen), the fragrances are instantly likeable and easy to wear.


A few greats to discover:


O.W. C’est toujours agréable d’être attendu : A fragrance with false simplicity. A sparkling cocktail of Italian bergamot, bitter orange and ginger resting on a blend of woody vetiver and ambery musks.

J.R. J’ai l’air de ce que je suis : The scent of spring, hanging fresh linen to dry in the garden while the delicate green notes of lilac come caress the nose.

M.D. Nous Sommes Amants : a multifaceted and ultramodern woody fragrance, that stands right between smokey warmth and green freshness. At it’s core, Palo Santo, the south American wood known for its mystical properties. The lightness is enhanced with black pepper and a bamboo accord, while the sensuality is furthered with sandalwood and cedarwood.

A.R. Les ombres fantastiques : A great paradox, to be seen as a feminine cedarwood or a masculine iris. Imagine an outspoken combination of dry notes such as cardamom, vetiver and cedar, wrapped in a powdery and clean mix of French Iris and white musks.


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