Dōjima by Mona Di Orio

75 ml Eau de Parfum

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The Dōjima Rice Exchange was Japan’s center of rice trading in the Edo period, established in 1697. A place of disorder where major trade deals were brokered, but also of the creamy and powdery smell only rice can give.

Dōjima can be described as a comforting shell surrounded by chaos. At the edges, a spicy combination of nutmeg, clary sage and labdanum creates a peppery first impression. In the center however, a comforting, round and velvety sensation arises. The rice note is beautifully paired with powdery iris and creamy sandalwood for a reassuring result.

Indeed, the nose himself states that “he hopes this fragrance will act as a shield towards the more difficult parts of life.”

Size (ml)

75 ML

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